Atopic dermatitis is a skin disease that occurs very frequently in infants, toddlers and children and is accompanied by erythema and severe itching. Skin care is important for the treatment of the disease and care begins with cleansing. Limit the time in the bath to 10-15 minutes with normal temperature in running water (lukewarm, not hot) and avoid using gloves or a sponge and strong shower gels in cleansing agents.

Then wipe with a tampon and immediately moisturize the skin, to trap moisture, with products suitable for the condition. We keep their nails close and choose soft fabrics to reduce friction with irritated areas.

As much as possible we observe and pay attention to the humidity levels in the house (not too dry air or extra humidity).

Also cool compresses can relieve the irritated areas from itching! And the sea water in the summer due to the salt etc. Ingredients, helps a lot with rashes! Finally, it is important to recognize stressful situations that seem to act in addition to the exacerbation of symptoms.